Today customers, retailers and now government entities are requiring food safety and security plans. Ott & Davison Consulting, LLC (ODC) will help tailor your food safety and security plans and will coach you for your official food safety and security audits.
Let ODC assist you in your:
Food Safety & Security Plans for growers, packers & handlers;
Crisis Communication Plans;
Post and Pre-Audits for growers, packers & handlers;
and Electronic storage of files.


In today‚??s world, information is needed at a moments notice. With conversion of your paper documents to digital storage, you can access all your food safety and security documents at a moments notice, anytime - anywhere. No longer will you need binders or file cabinets. Additionally, you can download all the latest food safety and security forms or ask for assistance in tailoring or storing your program to your needs. All documents used in your operations will be organized, chaptered and secured for your operations. Let ODC provide: Online storage of documents; Keep-your operation up-to-date on all food safety and security forms; and Crisis communication plans.


Being up-to-date on the latest food safety issues is key in order to ensure your operations are proactive and ahead of the game. Also, be prepared in case of a public relations problem or a food safety outbreak. Let ODC provide your operations with: The latest updates on food safety issues via e-mail and online news; Crisis communication plans; and Reminders of your food safety and security documentation needs.

About us

An introduction to Ott and Davison

Today, producers are faced with several challenges including: state and federal regulations; air, water and labor issues; and of course the challenges of competing in a global market. As a result, agricultural producers are faced with a mound of paper work and a loss of time.


A brief outline of our Services

Food safety & security is becoming an integral part of doing business in the agricultural world. Consumers, retailers and now the government are requiring agricultural producers to implement and maintain a food safety and security plan. Let Ott & Davision Consulting, LLC assist you in preparing and coaching your operation for your audit while maintaining your documentation.


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