Ott & Davison Consulting LLC

Today, producers are faced with several challenges including: state and federal regulations; air, water and labor issues; and of course the challenges of competing in a global market. As a result, agricultural producers are faced with a mound of paper work and a loss of time. These issues coupled with the requirements of a food safety plan continue to put stress and mandates on an already regulated and competitive industry.

Ott & Davison Consulting (ODC) will assist agricultural producers in meeting these food safety and security requirements. With several buyers demanding different audits and paperwork, it is not uncommon for producers to fill out several different audits just to compete for the business of one buyer. In an effort to assist the grower or packer in this process, ODC will assist you in tailoring a food safety and security plan for your business.

Additionally, ODC will maintain your plan and assist you in preparing for your audits while maintaining your documents required by the auditors. These documents will be available to you on-line where you may update and check on your documents at your convenience. Lastly, ODC will follow-up throughout the year to ensure that you remain in compliance and update any areas of your food safety needs.

Planning, recordkeeping, interactive technology and follow through are key steps in maintaining your food safety and security needs. With over twenty-years of combined food safety experience, ODC will be your coach for the big audit “game” day. Being proactive and staying on top of the latest food safety and security needs is essential and will be our job, your job will be to continue to produce the worlds best produce.

For additional information, please e-mail our company at ODC@Ottanddavison.com or by phone at

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We look forward in working with you!
Alexander J. Ott